director Zofia Kowalewska 
cinematography Weronika Bilska
editing Jerzy Zawadzki
sound Krzysztof Ridan
music Krzysztof Ridan, Barbara Torhan
production Munk Studio – Polish Filmmakers Association 
coproduction Katarzyna Zariczny Produkcja Filmowa
co-financed by Polish Film Institute 

Zofia Kowalewska
Born in 1995 in Cracow, Poland. Currently a Film Directing student at Lodz Film School. Participant of the documentary course at Wajda School. She started to work on her documentary film "Close Ties" in her last year of secondary school. Director of several student short films, including documentary study "My luv" (2015) and short fiction films: "Mikki" (2015) and "Don't call me mom" (2016).

Weronika Bilska
Born in Wrocław in 1983, Weronika Bilska graduated in Cinematography from the Faculty of Radio and Television at the University of Silesia in Katowice. Her work includes a number of award-winning documentaries and short features and she made her full-length feature debut with the cinematography for Przemysław Wojcieszek’s How to Disappear Completely. She worked with Grzegorz Zariczny on both his documentaries, The Dog Hill and The Whistle and his feature etude, Nasza zima zła (Winter’s Icy Grip).

Munk Studio
Munk Studio, which operates within the structure of the Polish Filmmakers Association, produces short and full-lenght debut films. Young artists who are seeking to make their first film can depend on the Munk Studio for support and guidance during the entire process, from the development of their project, throughout its production under fully professional conditions, to the widest possible promotion of the finished product. Debut shorts can be made with the Munk Studio under the auspices of three programmes: “Thirty Minutes”, “First Documentary” and “Young Animation”. The Munk studio was founded in 2008 by the Polish Filmmakers Association and operates on the strength of an agreement entered into with the Polish Film Institute, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Polish Television (Telewizja Polska S.A.).